Good Vibrations!

One of our most unique and specialized services is vibration monitoring, and we are making some serious waves with our technology in this growing industry. With ongoing projects in both construction site monitoring and micro-vibration monitoring of laboratory environments, our reach is expanding both geographically and into new and different industries.

We are currently working with a number of clients in the material science and medical fields to measure micro-vibrations in their facilities which house spectroscopy microscopes and other highly sensitive equipment. The laboratories need to be isolated from any disturbance, both ongoing and intermittent, which could possibly affect the calibration and functioning of the equipment.  Our systems are currently installed on site and are recording and reporting results in real time.

We also have our cloud-based construction vibration monitoring systems in use in multiple locations. These systems record and send alerts in real time via e-mail or SMS when pre-determined vibration thresholds are exceeded. This is a foolproof, hands-free method for ensuring on-site compliance to safety and regulatory guidelines.