Entrepreneurs’ Panel Features Felicia

Felicia Doggett (Founder and President, Metropolitan Acoustics) and Brian Linton (Founder and CEO, United by Blue) were panelists at the Customer Engagement & Innovation Forum for an informative discussion about their companies and the excitement that comes with being innovators within their respective fields.

Felicia led a discussion about the growth of Metropolitan Acoustics’ vibration monitoring and analysis division, which is a market that has a unique set of challenges. This is a niche but growing service that Metropolitan Acoustics provides to very specific clients. Felicia explained how the technology was being used across a broad range of laboratory and research applications currently and how the company is exploring several other market segments. The greatest challenge at the moment, she explained, is that the opportunities in the marketplace are probably far more plentiful than the potential client base’s knowledge about how to get in touch with someone who does this sort of thing.

It was clear that the similarities between Brian’s business—a product-based company, and Felicia’s—a service based company are far greater than their differences. It was also evident that the excitement and energy that is inherent in being an innovative business keep both of these entrepreneurs on their toes and focused on success.

All in all, it was a fun and interesting discussion with some great questions from the audience. We would like to thank Brian Linton, moderator Marc Kramer, and the Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia for a terrific event!

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