Monthly Newsletters

January 2017 Newsletter: Special Edge

As audiovisual technology changes and progresses, so too do the needs and capabilities of the classroom. This holds particularly true for special needs classrooms.  Teachers have found that the traditional use of textbooks and worksheets are often ineffective for special education students. … Read More

November 2016 Newsletter: Sounding Like An Acoustical Consultant

As acoustical consultants, we often find ourselves doing a lot of explaining: explaining methods, explaining results, explaining terms.  In our visual society, simply talking about sound is difficult due to the lack of a well-defined, commonly used dictionary of terms.  If you can list five terms in less than five minutes used to describe sound that are not borrowed from other senses and are not onomatopoeic, you’re probably an acoustical consultant. … Read More

October 2016 Newsletter: Loud and Proud

Football season is in full swing and almost every week, we see an article about how loud a particular stadium is from fans cheering. These elevated sound levels, which seem to be a source of pride for the home fans, make it difficult for the opposing team’s offense to call plays.… Read More

September 2016 Newsletter: A Second Set of Reps

A year ago, our newsletter discussed fitness centers and their impact (pun intended) on a project’s acoustical design.  Since then, we have seen a staggering growth in the number of fitness center projects requiring acoustical consultation.  We are not the only ones seeing a growth in this category as many manufacturers have developed a new range of flooring products that are intended to help control heavy impact or shock. … Read More

August 2016 Newsletter: The True Grit of AV Standards

Design and performance standards are everywhere.  They provide a basis of living and comfort in our daily lives even when we aren’t aware of them.  From the placement of a light switch, the height and depth of a stair step or the lighting levels in an office, all of these things are governed by standards.… Read More

July 2016 Newsletter: Music Venue Noise Ordinance

With summer in full bloom, concert goers are headed out to listen to the season’s many indoor and outdoor concerts.  The main attraction to these concerts is music, either from live bands or DJs.  Not everyone in the area will find the music enjoyable, which is why regulations to minimize the impact of the sound to surrounding areas exist. … Read More

June 2016 Newsletter: A Problem With Walking

What’s wrong with walking? To get somewhere it’s fine unless it causes discomfort or annoyance to those elsewhere in the building.  Walkers don’t intend to disturb others, nor do they imagine that their footsteps might be noticed by others.  However, walking that causes disturbances is becoming more and more common today and one reason is the trend that involves the use of lighter weight concrete and thinner slabs on upper level floors to reduce base building costs. … Read More

May 2016: Stressed Out?

Today marks the 17th annual World Hypertension Day.  Did you know that increased blood pressure is the leading cause of death and disability?  Globally, 18% of deaths are attributed to hypertension.  In the United States, nearly one out of every three adults suffers from hypertension. Read More

April 2016: (Plenty of) Time is the Charm

Like the building of Rome, designing outstanding Audio-Visual (AV) systems does not happen in a day.  Only an investment in time and coordination will lead to a well-designed system that meets the client’s expectations both in terms of performance and budget. Read More