Selected Project Listing – Healthcare and Senior Living
Chester County Hospital – West Chester, PA

Metropolitan Acoustics designed room acoustics treatments for the four-story Atrium at the Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA. The space is the main entrance to the hospital and the patient room waiting areas are located on the Atrium balconies; thus, preventing excessive reverberation in the large, open space was critical.

The floor finishes in the space include Roman mosaic tile and carpet. The ceiling consists of areas of gypsum board, acoustical wood grille and acoustic tile. The wall finishes include Venetian plaster, marble, wood paneling and a glass curtain wall.

To keep the reverberation time to an appropriate level, Metropolitan Acoustics recommended treating specific areas of the walls with acoustic panels or an acoustical plaster. The absorption on the walls, in addition to the absorption on the ceiling, helps to keep sound from building up to excessive levels in the space and helps to maintain speech intelligibility at short distances.