Cheyney University

Cheyney University
Marian Anderson Music Center
Cheyney, PA
Architect: Cueto Kearney Design, LLC

Metropolitan Acoustics was responsible for acoustical design for the renovations to the Auditorium, Band Room and Choral Room for Cheyney University’s Marian Anderson Music Center. Our scope included room acoustic design and mechanical system noise control.

The existing Auditorium finishes included VCT floors, a gypsum board ceiling and CMU walls with acoustically absorptive wood grilles. The space was much too dead, with a reverberation time of 0.71 seconds, and had too small of a volume for the occupancy. To improve the acoustics of the space we recommended removing the ceiling to expose the deck and installing suspended reflective clouds. This increased the volume of the room and the reverberation time while providing better overhead reflections to the seating area. Additionally, we recommended installing absorptive panels on the rear walls and convex, diffusive panels on the side walls to help minimize echoes and reflect sound to the audience. The predicted reverberation time after implementing our recommendations is 1.78 seconds which is much more appropriate for an auditorium of this size.

The existing finishes in the Choral Room were a tile floor, CMU walls with absorptive wood grilles and an acoustic tile ceiling. Similar to the Auditorium, the space was overly dead with a reverberation time of 0.64 seconds. To improve the reverberation time and the blending of voices in the space, we recommended filling the ceiling grid with a mixture of lay-in gypsum board panels, fiberglass acoustic tiles and two-dimensional diffusers. Additionally, we recommend absorptive panels on the walls to minimize echoes. Implementing these recommendations results in a predicted reverberation time of 0.90 seconds which is much more appropriate than the previously existing condition.

The Band Room was not surveyed prior to the renovations, but had similar finishes to the Choral Room. To meet our design goal of 0.5 seconds in this space, we recommended a mixture of lay-in gypsum panels, fiberglass acoustic tile and two-dimensional diffusers. This will help to improve cross-communication between musicians. Additionally, acoustic panels were recommended for the side walls to minimize echoes and reduce the reverberation time to meet our design goal.

In addition to our room acoustic design, we provided mechanical system noise control recommendations for the Auditorium and Stage. Our recommendations to meet an NC-25 design goal included lined ductwork, additional lengths of ductwork and duct silencers. Additionally, we provided vibration isolation recommendations for each piece of mechanical equipment.