Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Distribution Center
King of Prussia, PA

Metropolitan Acoustics designed acoustical treatments and a sound system for the commons area at Lilly Pulitzer’s facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. The space, which is used for dining, gatherings and presentations, was suffering from acoustical problems. Specifically, the space was overly reverberant which resulted in sound building up to high levels when a large number of people were gathered in the space. Additionally, it had a major negative impact on speech intelligibility.

Metropolitan Acoustics performed a site visit to measure the reverberation time and found that it was over 1.0 seconds longer than recommended for a space of this type. We designed recommendations, including approximately 2,600 sq. ft. of 1″ thick acoustic panels distributed around the walls and underside of the deck, to reduce the reverberation time.

In addition to the room acoustics issues, the space was using a portable sound system for presentations which was not optimal for this space. Metropolitan acoustics designed a permanent speech reinforcement system. The system is also set up to amplify sound from a large television set.