Selected Project Listing – Hospitality and Leisure
Greater Plymouth Community Center – Plymouth Meeting, PA

Metropolitan Acoustics performed site visits and provided recommendations to reduce sound levels and improve speech intelligibility in the Gymnasium, Aquatics Center and Atrium at the existing Greater Plymouth Community Center.

Prior to Metropolitan Acoustics involvement, none of the spaces employed any acoustically absorptive materials. The Gym and Aquatics Center both had measured reverberation times of over 7.0 seconds which rendered most speech unintelligible. The Atrium had a reverberation time of 3.25 seconds which caused sound to build up to high levels when many people were gathered in the space. Furthermore, the background sound levels from the HVAC systems in the Gymnasium and Aquatics Center were 53 dBA and 70 dBA, respectively.

Based on our recommendations, a combination of acoustic panels and hanging baffles were incorporated in the Gymnasium, Aquatics Center and Atrium. Our recommendations were designed to reduce the reverberation times in the Gym and Aquatics Center to 2.0 seconds and the reverberation time in the Atrium to 1.5 seconds. Additionally, we recommended duct silencers and duct lagging to reduce the HVAC system noise to a more appropriate level.