Selected Project Listing – Education
School of the Future – Philadelphia, PA
Architect: The Prisco Group

Metropolitan Acoustics provided architectural acoustics, mechanical system noise control and sound system design services for this state of the art high school. The school, a joint venture between Microsoft and the School District of Philadelphia, is intended to provide a model of a technology-based educational facility that can be replicated in communities around the globe.

Our interior room acoustics analysis considered a variety of spaces including the Auditorium, Band Room, Chorus Room, Music Practice Rooms, Gymnasium, Auxiliary Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Interactive Learning Area, Common Areas and Classrooms. We also performed an analysis of acoustical isolation between spaces.

Our mechanical system analysis considered each air-handling unit serving the building and provided recommendations to reduce the sound levels in critical spaces to appropriate levels. Additionally, we provided vibration isolation recommendations for each piece of equipment in order to minimize structure-borne noise.

We designed sound recording and playback systems in the Band and Choral Rooms. Additionally we designed performance sound systems for the Auditorium, Gymnasium, Cafeteria and Weight/Aerobics Room. The School opened its doors in 2006. The Auditorium A/V system featured rotating rooms at the rear of the space that can be opened to the Auditorium or used as Large Group Instruction (LGI) rooms. The system serving the spaces is zoned to operate as part of the Auditorium system or indenpendently for LGI use.