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We provide acoustic consulting services across a wide variety of industries and institutions.


Construction vibration monitoring, micro-vibration for hospitals and labs, analysis, and design.


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Staying Clean from Vibrations in Cleanrooms

Recently, an article written by our own Felicia and Sooch was published in Controlled Environments. They explain how important it is to consider some factors that go unnoticed, like vibration, before designing or building any research labs or medical facilities. […]

Can You Hear What I Hear?

Recently, a very specific project required our acoustic team to use an extremely interesting and important piece of acoustical technology, a Binaural Head! Utilizing realistic pinna (the outside ear) and internal microphones inside of simulated ear canals, the binaural head […]

Our Team is Growing!

  We are excited to be welcoming two new members to the Metropolitan Acoustics team! Alex Aquila came down from Massachusetts to join us, he is a graduate of the University of Hartford and holds a Bachelor of Science in […]

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