Got Privacy?


Sound transmission between offices is an issue we run into all the time. More often than not, the point of a private office is for… privacy! But if proper sound control measures are not addressed during construction, you are going to be able to hear conversations and meetings going on in the office next to yours whether you like it or not. Improper methods of construction and finishing work can lead to poor sound attentuation much the same as a rattly old window lets in a cold draft on a chilly winter night.

When we are called in to solve sound transmission issues, we bring our meters, equipment, notebooks, and laptops, but you will usually find us crawling around on the floor and heading high into the space above the drop ceiling too. The project pictured here involved baseline testing, measurements, and some good old-fashioned forensic science. These were two clients from two very different companies who really had no interest in hearing each other’s conversations. Their offices had previously been one large room and we uncovered some pretty major issues in the renovation which were causing most of the sound transmission issues. Our analysis and testing on site, followed by a comprehensive report outlining our design upgrades, changes, and installation details will soon bring privacy to a couple of business professionals who have needed it for a long time.

This is a pretty typical project for us.  A client or firm will contact us with a problem having to do with acoustics or sound control. We provide on-site testing and analysis, and provide project management throughout the life cycle of the job. Our clients come from every corner of the business world and from companies large and small. The need for privacy is universal. How private is your office?

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