It’s a Girl!

Congratulations to Graham and his wife on the birth of their beautiful daughter this month!

She is healthy, curious, and adorable. After she was born, Graham was able to take some time off to analyze and test the various demising wall assemblies in the nursery and throughout the adjacent rooms in his house for their ability to handle WUTP (Wake Up The Parents) sound transmission. He also tested the STTN (Sleep Through The Night) rating of various rooms throughout his house in case he ever needs to get a full night’s sleep again in the foreseeable future. Based on the results, he is planning to install double-stud wall cavities, door gaskets, multiple layers of sound-absorbing material covered by acoustic fabric, a sound masking system, moldable sound insulation putty pads around the outlets, and a double layer of 5/8” GWB throughout…Or maybe not…

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