Making Waves in the World of Vibration

Did you know?… A big part of our business is Vibration Monitoring? One of our current projects is the new Hyatt Centric Hotel in Center City Philadelphia which will occupy a long, narrow site in a dense and popular retail/residential district of the city. We were hired to perform a Building Conditions Survey and to provide vibration monitoring. The Survey included comprehensive photo and video documentation of the pre-construction conditions of all building facades adjacent to the construction site. We will follow up with a post-construction survey. Our vibration monitoring scope includes baseline measurements of typical ambient vibration levels, defining appropriate thresholds for peak levels, and long-term vibration monitoring in multiple locations around the perimeter of the site.

Our proprietary vibration monitoring system delivers real-time alerts via text message or e-mail when pre-determined vibration thresholds are being exceeded on site. Our system is hands-free and does not require any external power or connections, so there is no disruption to demolition or construction once the equipment is installed. With businesses, residences, and an historic church in close proximity to the construction site, our vibration monitoring is giving everyone much-needed peace-of-mind.

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