International Noise Awareness Day!

Today, Wednesday 4/25, is International Noise Awareness Day (INAD), a day to raise awareness on the effects that noise has on the health and welfare of individuals and populations worldwide. We are celebrating by breaking out our sound level meters and measuring the noise levels in our daily environment.

Why even care about noisy spaces or loud environments? Long term exposure to such environments causes detrimental damage to hearing. If you are young you may not be worried about hearing loss, but excess noise can cause distress in both people and in animals. Overloads of stress will cause negative health issues following the prolonged exposure to the stressor. Much of the noise we hear daily goes unnoticed, but today take time to think about how much sound you are exposed to everyday.

Check out more information about International Noise Awareness Day on INAD’s website here, and don’t forget to download the SoundPrint App from INAD’s website to measure noise levels everywhere you go; you can even share your decibel findings with others nearby.

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