Can You Hear What I Hear?

Recently, a very specific project required our acoustic team to use an extremely interesting and important piece of acoustical technology, a Binaural Head! Utilizing realistic pinna (the outside ear) and internal microphones inside of simulated ear canals, the binaural head mimics the mechanics of an actual human head.  This means that this head can hear sounds just like you and I!

Sound pressure level build-up in our ears can become very complicated, and tough to approximate using a standard microphone set-up.   Utilizing the binaural head, we are able to accurately measure sound pressure levels from headphones and/or ear buds and gather data that is more realistic and comparable to how a person would experience these sound sources.  In fact, that is exactly what our recent project called for – monitoring of sound levels through various headsets to be able to compare to an applicable code/standard requirement.

Although this particular model may not look exactly like a real head, it has a realistic weight and structure and we still had fun giving him some eyes!

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