Steering Clear of Acoustic Assembly Mishaps


When it comes to acoustical mistakes, our Senior Associate Seth Harrison has seen and fixed his fair share. Recently Seth teamed up with his colleague Jon Mooney from Acoustics by JW Mooney to write an article for Walls & Ceilings Magazine.

In the article, Seth and Jon talk about common acoustical mishaps that they see all too often in their careers. These mishaps do not only take extra time to fix but also can wind up being very costly. As Seth and Jon go through their write up, they touch on common mistakes made from the wall construction, room finishes, the geometry of a room, the layout of mechanical equipment, and even coordination throughout the project. This article is packed with knowledge on how to recognize and avoid acoustical pitfalls that can tarnish an otherwise perfect space.

Check out the full article here online and avoid hearing any costly mistakes! And on October 17th, 2018, make sure to look out for the “Common Acoustic Assembly Mishaps” Webinar being hosted on the Building Enclosure’s website. Sign up for it here!

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