The Impact of Axe Acoustics

Who has ever heard of acoustics for axes? Metropolitan Acoustics has, and recently we got the opportunity to do an interesting and fun acoustical analysis at an axe throwing range.

Why would anyone need an acoustical analysis of an axe throwing range? Well, before a company can begin the process of setting up an axe throwing range, contractors need to know what acoustical isolation solutions they can implement to stop the sounds and vibrations coming from the impact of the axes from traveling to any adjacent spaces. The best method for developing cost-effective but successful solution is to measure the source! This allows Metropolitan to not only provide a functional solution but also one that is not over engineered!

A few members of the Metropolitan Acoustics team got the opportunity to spend an evening at the axe range testing their throwing skills and measuring the impact vibrations and sound levels that comes with hitting and missing the wooden target. In the end, we had a great time, got all our measurements, and even hit a few bulls-eyes.

The data we collect is utilized to determine the best way to negate unwanted sound and vibrations from thrown axes.

Check out the video where Bob, Alex, and Bryar are nailing their throws!

Another fun project for the new Comcast Technology Center!
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