Another fun project for the new Comcast Technology Center!


A few weeks ago, we predicted sound transmission from new exhaust fan equipment on the roof of 1717 JFK Concourse entrance building to occupants on the Comcast outdoor plaza. This plaza is a hot gathering spot and used regularly for yoga, festivals and SIPS on Wednesday evenings in the summer.  We set up a large speaker on top of the JFK Concourse entrance building and blasted pink noise through the speaker and took various measurements to find the reduction of sound from the building roof to the plaza. Pink noise we played is similar to white noise but is equal energy per octave; it makes it sound smoother and is the standard for acoustical tests. All to make sure that the party-goers hear each other and not the mechanical equipment!

If you listen to the video that is not static you are hearing, but the pink noise being played.

While some of the people that were passing by may have been disturbed by the loud noises we were making, what they did not realize was the effort taken to maintain the ongoing peace and quiet in the Comcast plaza. As they say – it’s all in a days work!

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