ACEd Acoustics

Metropolitan Acoustics would like to send out a huge thanks to JKRP Architects for inviting Metropolitan Acoustics to participate in the ACE Mentor program held at JKRP.

Felicia and Xian had a lot of fun talking to the participants about architectural acoustics pertaining to the Walnut Street Theater.   The theater theme coordinated well with JKRP and MA, as both firms worked together for the new addition to the Walnut Street Theater. Students enjoyed a hands-on demonstration on the difference between airborne and structure-borne sound isolation using a music box and various acoustic and audio product samples.  Felicia and Xian also detailed how acoustic diffusers, absorbers, and reflectors are used in room acoustics design, and how interior finishes can define the sound characteristics of a room.

The students involved with ACE were more than just intrigued by the hands-on demonstrations, they were truly absorbed in the discussion about how to achieve the best acoustics in a theater. We always enjoy having the opportunity to inspire all students and encourage their interest in acoustics.  Founded in 2000, the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia gives students from local high schools an exciting opportunity to learn more about potential careers in architecture, engineering, and construction.

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