A Moment to Remember!

On May 3rd the John Hopkins Institute of NanoBio Technology (INBT) held the 13th Annual INBT Symposium in Baltimore and Metropolitan Acoustics (MA) was a featured exhibitor with our new monitoring system, Moment. The symposium attendees were intrigued as Felicia and the MA team demonstrated Moment which provides continuous monitoring in laboratory environments for vibrations, audible sound, and ultra-sonics. Investigators in research universities throughout the country use highly sensitive equipment and need to protect their instrumentation against micro-vibrations and other interferences to assure accurate results. Moment supports them in achieving just that.

We had a blast exhibiting and meeting with the students, professors, and researchers. Felicia was a guest judge for the poster presentation and had a great time discussing the research that went into these student presentations. Thank you INBT for including MA!


The Show Will Go On!
Broad Street Runners!