Project News – St. Joseph’s Chapel


It’s always exciting to see our projects in print!  The Spring issue of Context Magazine featured the majestic St. Joseph’s Chapel – a beautiful church with history dating back to the late 1800s which sits on the campus of Chestnut Hill College in the Chestnut Hill section of northwest Philadelphia.  Working with Bernardon Architects, one of the project goals was to improve the interior room acoustics of the worship space during the renovation. We provided recommendations for the reconfiguration of the front of the Chapel to improve communication between speakers and musicians, as well as for new pew cushions to stabilize the reverberation time. Metropolitan Acoustics also provided a design for a new audio sound system.  Particularly in reverberant churches, proper room acoustics combined with a directional audio sound system provides optimum speech intelligibility which is a key component for participants during the spiritual celebration. Click here for the full article.  Before (1st photograph) and after (2nd photograph) pictures are shown below.




Context Magazine is published quarterly by AIA Philadelphia.

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