December 2020 Newsletter: You Can Hear What I Hear! Staff Headphone Picks

Most of us have been relegated to spending our time at home for work and play, connecting with colleagues and family through virtual means.  An important part of this less-than-ideal experience is the performance of our headphones.  So, you may be wondering what headphones may be worthwhile for a (last minute) holiday gift for friends and family, and maybe even yourself.  The staff at Metropolitan Acoustics has come up with some of their favorites.  Read on to see our top staff headphone picks.

Running Away with It  (Felicia’s Pick)
These headphones were chosen by the founder and president of Metropolitan Acoustics, so you know they are going to be good. As Felicia puts it, “I love these for running. They stay in my ears without moving around at all. They also sound better than any other headphones I’ve owned, at least the ones that fit in your ears. The bass is great and so are the high frequencies. I think it sounds good because when you put them in your ears then turn them to “lock them in” it forms a really good fit which is key.” Felicia is talking about the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, an earbud-style set that have Bluetooth and a microphone, so they can be used for both work and play.

The Bone Rattler (Scott and Bryan’s pick) 
Being aware of your surroundings, whether multitasking while working from home or riding your bike through busy city streets, is a must; it can literally save your life. Wearing headphones can make this difficult unless you use bone-conduction headphone technology, which transmits sound through your head and jaw bones bypassing your eardrums.

These headphones leave your ear open to hear your surroundings while making calls or listening to music; certain models can even be used under water. The catch with these headphones is that audio quality suffers due to less-than-ideal energy transfer. A popular brand of bone-conduction headphones is AfterShokz. 

High-Class and High-Fidelity (Bob’s pick)

These gold-laced earbuds are the perfect bling for your next virtual high-class business meeting. Not only do they look good, but they sound good too. As Bob puts it, “I just got these, they’re fantastic. They have a clean flat spectrum, two microphones for voice, and two more for active noise-cancellation.” Bob’s pick is the Klipsch T5.

Taking a Break From it All (Steve’s pick)

While all the wireless headphones above offer flexibility for remote work and play, nothing beats a great pair of wired audiophile headphones. You are going to lose the ability to make a call, but maybe that’s point; if you’re looking to take a break with your favorite record and want to hear the music as the artist and engineer intended, consider the Grado PS500e (left) and Beyerdynamic T1 (right). 

We hope a great pair of headphones can help bring just a little more joy to this holiday season, especially if you are connecting with family and friends remotely. Happy Holidays from Metropolitan Acoustics and the City of Brotherly Love!

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