December 2022 Newsletter: Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening? Staff Headphone Picks Volume 2 – New Employee Edition

Many of us have grown accustomed to the WFH lifestyle since the first edition of our Staff Headphone Picks in December of 2020, so incorporating a good pair of headphones to your routine is still vital. We interviewed our newest staff members to see what headphones they recommend for either yourself or a loved one this holiday season. Read on to get to know their picks.

The Works (Maeve & Greg’s Pick)
The Bose QC35s are a popular choice of headphones for our new employees for a variety of reasons. Maeve Cantwell started working at Metropolitan Acoustics in June of 2021, and has known she wanted to be an acoustician since high school; she knew that her headphones have to provide a clean, flat spectrum along with a microphone for calls. Maeve has been using the QC35s since she started working at our firm and they continue to provide the accuracy she needs. Greg Bacon also uses the QC35s but prefers them for their Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function. Greg, who also started working at Metropolitan Acoustics in June of 2021, has been a musician since he was a child and complete immersion is an important aspect of his listening experience. Listening to an album without hearing the distractions around him on his commute to work makes the Bose QC35s an easy choice for Greg.

Getting Active (Shahvez’s Pick)
Another versatile pair of headphones that our newest staff consultant, Shahvez Khatri, recommends are the Jabra Elite 7 Pros. “I started working here at Metropolitan Acoustics about 8 months ago, and my job as an acoustician has been so gratifying for me. With all the project work we do, I try to keep my mind focused with a good workout every day. The Jabra Elite 7 Pros are great because they have ANC for the gym, or if I’m going on a run, I can use the Hear-Thru mode for oncoming traffic”. Shahvez goes on to say that these headphones are a great option for work as well, since the Elite 7 Pros have a relatively flat spectrum that can be adjusted through Jabra’s app, and they have two microphones to take calls.

Hearing It All (Riley’s Pick)
While some may choose to de-stress from work through exercise, others choose to relax by gaming with friends online. When Riley Vroome started working at Metropolitan Acoustics in June of 2021, he realized how important acoustics was to everyday life. Through working at our firm, Riley came to understand that a great acoustical environment can make or break a space, which is why he recommends the Corsair HS70 Pros as his choice of headphones when gaming. These over-the-ear headphones have great surround sound capabilities, along with a crystal-clear mic. Whether he’s exploring a new fantasy world or fighting along with his friends, Riley can hear everything around him with the HS70 Pros.

We hope you enjoyed these fresh headphone picks while also getting to know a little bit about our newest employees. Happy Holidays from Metropolitan Acoustics!

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