Metropolitan Acoustics offers two AIA Accredited Lunch and Learn presentations. Just gather your staff and we’ll provide the lunch.  Below are the two courses offered:

Acoustics In Architecture

Course # IC-MA-012013

1 AIA CES/HSW Learning Unit

  1. Understand terminology applicable to architectural acoustics
  2. Identify how reflective, diffusive, and absorptive surfaces can be applied in a room
  3. Determine factors governing airborne and impact sound transmission through partitions
  4. Recognize design features that promote speech intelligibility in rooms


Fundamentals of Vibration Isolation

Course # IC-MA-092016

1 AIA CES/HSW Learning Unit

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the theory of transmissibility of vibration
  2. Calculate the natural frequency and static deflection of isolators
  3. Recognize the difference between various types of isolators
  4. Determine the proper techniques  of vibration isolation for various types of equipment