500 Walnut

Project Type: Multi-Family

500 Walnut
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Cecil Baker + Partners

Aimed to be city living at its finest – this all residential high-rise will have views, elegance, automation, and more. With only one or two residences per floor, these condos are designed with the luxury buyer in mind and are equipped with amenities to match their targeted tenants. The building is located in a busy and vibrant section of the city and thus needed proper noise isolation from the urban environment as well as great overall acoustics in all the interior spaces.

Metropolitan Acoustics provided consultation on the interior room acoustics and sound isolation during the design phase. Of particular interest were the residential lobby, the pool, and the fitness center. We analyzed each space with regards to reverberation time and acoustic reflectivity. In order to minimize some of the reflectivity in the spaces that measured outside the allowable specifications we proposed solutions which included sound absorbing baffles mounted to the ceiling and additional acoustical treatments.

Sound and vibration caused by the mechanical systems in the building were a concern and were issues that needed a great deal of attention and analysis. The main issue was the potential for noise created by the heat pumps and the air being circulated into the public spaces as well as the residential units. In addition to the airborne sound produced by mechanical equipment, structure-borne sound will also be produced due to rotating equipment, air turbulence, and vibration coming in contact with the building structure. We recommended neoprene pads, combination spring-neoprene isolators, and fabric or flexible duct connections among other measures to minimize mechanical noise.

In a high-profile, luxury project like this, attention paid to proper noise control and acoustics throughout the design and construction will ensure that the residents and users of the space are happy and get to enjoy some peace and quiet.

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