Ashby Ponds – Continuing Care Retirement Community

Ashby Ponds – Continuing Care Retirement Community

Project Type: Healthcare & Senior Living

Ashby Ponds
Continuing Care Retirement Community
Ashburn, VA
Architect: Marks Thomas Architects

Ashby Ponds is gated, continuing-care retirement community on 132 acres in northern Virginia. There are several options available for housing depending on the desire for independence and access to amenities. The community offers apartment-style living in separate buildings spread across the campus, each with a mixture of individual residences and community spaces like fitness centers, dining centers, lounges, and theaters, all within the same building. For the residences in close proximity to the public spaces, sound mitigation is crucial. The convenience of having the amenities in the same building as the apartments should not mean sacrificing privacy and peace and quiet.

The architects did the right thing in hiring Metropolitan Acoustics to consult during the design phase of this project. We were brought on board to address the potential for noise infiltration into the residential units and to address potential mechanical and HVAC system noise and vibration issues as well. Our consultation services and recommendations involved a comprehensive and thorough approach to addressing the issues of sound isolation which included specific hardware and installation details, sealants, wall partition construction methods, and mechanical system sound mitigation products and installation guidelines.

A project like this requires forethought and careful planning in order to prevent a potential issue such as noise from a fitness room or theater from being a problem for a resident once they move in. We provided solutions from the subfloor to the finishing materials and specified methods for sealing off and preventing sound intrusion at all points during the design phase. Once construction was underway, we conducted on-site inspections and corrected some construction issues that had the potential to limit the effectiveness of our solutions. Throughout construction, we provided testing and reports to document our findings and confirm that our methods were achieving their desired results. One of the crucial areas of concern was the sound coming from the theater. We took measurements in order to quantify the level of sound isolation performance of the wall assemblies in the residential units and the results were better than expected. Our testing throughout the rest of the building followed a similar pattern of success and confirmed that the efforts put into acoustics and noise control are going to make Ashby Ponds a pleasant place to live.

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