Cabrini College- Dixon Athletic Center

Project Type: Sports Facilities

Cabrini College
Dixon Athletic Center
Radnor, PA

This project involved the design and construction of a two-story addition to the existing athletic facility including a lobby/common area, café, locker rooms and offices on the first floor, and fitness rooms and more offices on the second floor. Metropolitan Acoustics provided interior room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical system noise/vibration control consultation for these spaces.

Interior room acoustics in the two-story lobby, the fitness rooms, and the yoga studio were areas of particular focus in this building because these areas were most prone to the build up of sound. Our challenge was to evaluate each space and provide recommendations for interior finishes that would achieve the proper acoustics and control reverberation time in each room. We worked with the architect throughout the design phase, providing design guidelines, specific product recommendations, and drawings to illustrate our design intent.

Within this building envelope, there are fitness rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, and open areas, all of which had the potential to be impacted by unwanted sound transmission. There was the potential for airborne noise, sound transmission across demising walls, and mechanical system noise and vibration. We performed acoustical analyses to predict the sound transmission across the wall/ceiling assemblies throughout the building and provided recommendations and drawings to achieve the desired Sound Transmission Class rating. For the mechanical systems, we used the sound data for the equipment and the mechanical plans, and calculated the Noise Criteria levels in each space.

We conducted a site visit during construction to observe the implementation of the recommendations provided in our reports. This is an important step in any project, and in this case it gave us the chance to address some potential noise and vibration issues and resolve them before the building was complete.

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