Cheltenham Township Schools

Cheltenham Township Schools

Project Type: Education

Cheltenham Township Schools:
Wyncote Elementary School
Cheltenham Elementary School
Cheltenham Township, PA
Architect: Gilbert Architects

Both of these schools served students from kindergarten through grade 4 in the Cheltenham Township School District. They were each built in the 1950s and were in need of major renovations and additions. After reviewing all of the options, the school board made the determination that tearing down both schools and rebuilding them from the ground up was the best solution. The new designs allowed for improvements and upgrades which would have been impossible if they had simply gone through renovations instead.

Metropolitan Acoustics was brought in to work with the architect to analyze and develop a design plan for preventing sound mitigation between public spaces and the core learning spaces, from mechanical rooms into all of the occupied spaces in the buildings, and to provide acoustical consultation for the room acoustics. All of this was to be done in accordance with the regulations outlined in LEED for Schools 2009.

Our recommendations were followed throughout the construction and we provided consultation and administration during all phases of each project. We performed testing on site and measured the sound transmission levels to confirm that our solutions were working to control noise between spaces. The specific materials and methods of construction we recommended have proven to be successful at limiting the transmission of unwanted noise between classrooms and from the mechanical systems into the learning spaces. In addition, the analysis we did up front to address reverberation and echoes in the classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, and other core learning spaces resulted in proper acoustics throughout the new buildings.

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