East Market

Project Type: Multi-Family

East Market
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Bower Lewis Thrower Architects

With construction well underway, East Market is set to become an important new anchor in the Center City District east of Broad Street in Philadelphia. This large mixed-use complex will bring to life an entire city block in a prime location with shopping, amenities, and urban living.

Market Street is the major east-west artery that runs from river to river through Center City Philadelphia, so this new complex will obviously be surrounded by activity and noise from the external environment throughout most of the day and night. Metropolitan Acoustics was brought on board during the initial design phase of this project and we will be working with the architect all the way through construction to verify that the sound mitigation and acoustic design goals are being met.

We have provided design recommendations for exterior-to-interior sound isolation, interior acoustical isolation between residential units and between floors, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system noise and vibration control. We provided design recommendations and construction guidelines for minimizing sound transmission through the wall assemblies and from the ceiling assemblies to the floors above. Throughout construction we will conduct testing on site and measure the sound levels to make sure our design solutions are performing as expected.

With retail, restaurants, and other various tenants on the lower floors, and noise from the environment, particular attention needed to be paid to limiting sound transmission into the residential units. We have analyzed the design drawings and provided our expertise in all areas of noise control. The end result will be a dynamic new multi-use hub of activity where the residents are appropriately isolated from the external environment when the time comes for rest and relaxation.

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