Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

Project Type: Museum

Faith and Liberty Discovery Center
The American Bible Society
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Saylor Gregg Studio

With 250,000 annual visitors expected, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is poised to be a thriving new tourist destination in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic Independence Mall. The museum is located on the street level of a modern office building and will feature a full narrative experience centered around the Bible and its significance as a historical document in the cultural identity of America. It will focus on core passages in the Bible that inspired the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Technology will be a big part of the user experience and will allow the guests to participate interactively in the unique features of the museum.

In order to make the experience enjoyable and free from unwanted distraction, the displays and features need to be isolated from noise and the museum spaces need to be acoustically balanced. We were hired to consult on the renovation of this 40,000 square foot mixed-use space and provide design guidance for sound isolation, room acoustics, and AV system design. The lobby, exhibit spaces, theater, classrooms, and presentation spaces all have unique features which require a broad range of finishes and materials in order to meet appropriate reverberation and noise isolation design guidelines. We worked with the design studio and provided analysis, drawings, and calculations to solve issues of reverberation, echoes, and mechanical noise which were outside the allowable scope. We are also designing the AV systems for the classrooms and the flexible presentation space which include video conferencing, control panels, speakers, and interactive displays.

This project represents a full menu of our consultation services in a renovation application rather than new construction. The goals are the same as when the client is building from the ground up however- sound isolation, proper acoustics, and expert AV system design. When we are involved in multiple aspects of a project, our internal teams are able to coordinate and work seamlessly with the project design team to move forward on schedule and deliver the expected results.

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