FMC Corporate Headquarters

FMC Corporate Headquarters

Project Type: Corporate

Corporate Headquarters
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Granum a/i

The chemical company, FMC, occupies eleven floors of this new 49-story, 730-foot tall luxury mixed use building. The FMC office space includes a mix of open-plan and private office space as well as meeting rooms of various sizes and a production studio. The building envelope is entirely glass curtain wall construction, offering breath-taking views of Philadelphia. The high ceilings and abundance of exterior and interior glazing presented an interesting acoustical challenge: how to achieve appropriate speech privacy and room acoustics.

Metropolitan Acoustics designed the interior room acoustics, sound isolation, and sound masking systems for appropriate speech privacy throughout the office space. Having worked on numerous projects with the project’s Architect, we collaborated with the interior designers to identify furniture solutions that promote speech privacy without obstructing the amazing views.

We also provided recommendations to control noise and vibration from mechanical and electrical systems. For the production studio, we worked closely with the design team to shape the room acoustics, sound isolation, and background sound levels to meet all of the project’s criteria, all within the allotted budget.

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