Hyatt Centric Hotel- VIBRATION

Project Type: Vibration Monitoring

Hyatt Centric Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

The Hyatt Centric Hotel is one of our construction vibration monitoring clients in downtown Philadelphia. They hired us for site surveying and long-term vibration monitoring around the perimeter of their new hotel site during demolition and construction. There are multiple retail stores, restaurants, residences, and historical buildings in immediate proximity to the construction site that have the potential to be affected by construction activities. Hyatt hired Metropolitan Acoustics directly because they wanted a 3rd party to be responsible for construction vibration monitoring that was not under contract with the construction company.

The initial stage of our involvement in this project was a comprehensive Building Conditions Site Survey. We performed a series of photographic and video surveys of the existing building facades and sidewalk conditions during several site visits:

We documented the conditions of every building along the boundaries indicated in yellow below. We then created an interactive viewing tool to allow easy access to high-resolution photos of any portion of the building facades in the construction zone.

Once the appropriate locations on each building were determined and the required permissions were received from the building owners, our team installed the vibration monitors directly to the building facades. We are monitoring vibration at approximately 20 locations around the construction site and our system will be working until all potentially damage-causing construction activities are complete.

Our system is wireless and requires no external power or connections on site of any kind. The vibration monitors transmit continuously to gateways which are also installed on site in secure locations. The data is parsed and sent to the cloud in real time. If pre-determined levels of vibration are exceeded, a text message and/or e-mail is sent automatically in real-time to the construction managers who can then adjust the impact of their activities on site.



Demolition of a parking garage is the first stage of construction on this project. In the video below you can hear the impact of the demolition crane echoing down the narrow street and you can see the short distance between the demolition site and the businesses across the street. Although the impacts are not significant enough to have any effect on nearby structures, our equipment is registering the activity and will be ready if any future disturbances approach the pre-determined vibration thresholds.

One Ardmore Place- VIBRATION