Lincoln University – International Cultural Arts Auditorium

Project Type: Theaters & Concert Venues

Lincoln University – International Cultural Arts Auditorium
Lincoln University, PA
Architect: SaylorGregg Architects

Metropolitan Acoustics consulted on the room acoustics, mechanical system noise control and A/V system for this $17.5 million, 1000+ seat auditorium. The space is meant to be used for both speech and musical performances and can be sub-divided into a smaller space by a curtain.

We recommended suspended clouds over the stage and seating to help project sound to the audience. Additionally, we recommended absorptive panels on the balcony face and sound and lighting booths to minimize slap echoes.

To meet an appropriate background sound level we provided recommendations to the mechanical engineers including duct silencers, duct lagging and appropriate damper positions. Our recommendations were designed to reduce the background sound level to NC-24.

We designed a performance sound system for both theatrical and music reinforcement. The true L-C-R system included delay speakers above and below the balcony, digital audio routing and a digital console for performance use. Additionally, the system includes full automatic settings for lectures and large group instruction.

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