Neumann University- Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality, and Character Development

Project Type: Sports Facilities

Neumann University
Mirenda Center for Sport, Spirituality, and Character Development
Aston, PA

Metropolitan Acoustics designed the interior room acoustics and mechanical noise control measures, plus an AV sound system for the gymnasium in this new recreation center. This new campus building houses an arena, classroom, meeting and event spaces, exhibits, and athletic facilities.

At the beginning of the project, we met with the architects and school representatives to discuss acoustical issues associated with the project. The goal was to establish reverberation time criteria in accordance with the various programs that will take place in the Gymnasium. There were also Noise Criteria (NC) levels for the mechanical systems that needed to be met which we also reviewed with the architect. Supply, return, case-radiated, and structure-borne noise sources were all taken into account.

Our analysis and testing of the reverberation times in the Gymnasium was done with two different configurations of the space- one with the bleachers folded up and low occupancy, and the other with the bleachers extended and a high-occupancy crowd. This allowed us to analyze the space as though it were being used by a typical small gym class as well as in a configuration for a performance or sporting event with a large audience. We were able to gather useful data from these configurations and design wall treatments, decking, and specify construction materials to meet the proposed design goals for reverberation time. We also provided design recommendations, specific products, and drawings to address noise and vibration from the mechanical systems.

Bryn Mawr College- Bern Schwartz Fitness and Athletic Center