New Bolton Center

Project Type: Labs & Medical Research Facilities

Project Detail: Robotic Surgery- Vibration 

U Penn Veterinary; New Bolton Center
Kennett Square, PA

Penn Veterinary’s New Bolton Center is preparing for a new robotic surgical/imaging suite involving approximately 3,600 SF of space on the second floor of a steel framed building. There was concern about the base building ambient vibrations, intrusion of ground-borne vibrations from heavy vehicles and equipment that circulate regularly outside, and mounting the robotic arms above grade. We monitored ambient vibrations with and without the HVAC system, and vibrations due to footfall, impacts from weight drops, elevators, and the vehicles circulating outside. Sensors were positioned on the steel columns that support the steel beams holding the robotic arms, on the exterior wall directly facing the columns, mid span on the slab bay on grade, and on the slab bay above grade.

The outdated HVAC system was immediately identified as a major contributor to vibration and will need to be replaced or rebuilt with sound and vibration isolation measures implemented throughout. There were also structural issues that needed to be addressed in the areas where the robotic arms were being proposed as attachment points to the building and the design of the structure itself was a key issue. We provided a summary of all of the test data and we outlined our recommendations in a series of reports to the client which will allow them to improve the installation locations for their new equipment.

Non-Human Primate Laboratory- Vibration