One Riverside

Project Type: Multi-Family

One Riverside
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: Cecil Baker + Partners

One Riverside, the 22-story condo building on the banks of the Schuylkill River, represented a key milestone in residential development in Philadelphia. It was the first high-rise condominium project to be completed and opened in the city in almost seven years. Located just steps from the Schuylkill River Park and Trail in a beautiful residential neighborhood on the western edge of Center City, the location is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of city living with easy access to green spaces, University City, and shopping.

Along the western boundary of the site, an existing rail line presented some unique challenges in the design, particularly with regards to noise control. Metropolitan Acoustics was brought on board to consult on a number of different aspects of this project during the design phase – interior acoustical isolation, exterior-to-interior sound isolation (to reduce the sound from the freight train line), and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system noise and vibration control. We conducted testing on site and measured the existing sound levels from the rail line and from other typical elements in the environment. In addition, we provided analysis and recommendations for minimizing the noise and vibration from the mechanical systems, air vents, ductwork, and all other potential areas of concern. We provided design recommendations and construction guidelines which have proven to be very successful in limiting the exterior to interior noise, as well as the noise from the mechanical systems in the building.

The residential units are well-insulated from noise and vibration and will provide the quality of life the tenants are looking for. The planning was done right, the construction was done with proper attention to detail, and the results are interior spaces that are not negatively affected by some potentially disruptive conditions on the outside.

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