Penn Presbyterian Medical Center- MRI Scanning Suite Vibration

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center- MRI Scanning Suite Vibration

Project Type: Healthcare

Project Detail: MRI Scanning Suite

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA

A new MRI machine is being installed at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in an existing vacant space in their facility and there are concerns that ambient building vibrations will affect the MRI functionality. These concerns are compounded by the fact that the installation location is above grade which can be an issue due to the resonant frequencies naturally occurring in the upper levels of buildings and their effect on highly sensitive equipment such as this. The hospital is in an urban setting and the MRI scanning suite location is also being affected by vibration from vehicular traffic directly outside.

We provided long-term micro-vibration testing in multiple locations on the slab in the proposed MRI room so we would have a record of typical vibration levels and any isolated vibration events over a reasonable span of time. Vibration levels measured during this feasibility study revealed peaks well above the allowable threshold recommended by the manufacturer of the MRI machine. To reduce the slab vibrations to levels in agreement with specifications from the manufacturer, additional slab isolation measures need to be implemented in addition to other means of reducing micro vibration in this location.

This project is fairly typical in terms of the assumptions made about the viability of a proposed location for an MRI machine. With MRIs in particular, it is crucial to guarantee that the environment is suitable for the equipment before it is moved or installed than after it is in use and producing faulty results or bad data.

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