St. David’s Episcopal Church

St. David’s Episcopal Church

Project Type: Worship

St. David’s Episcopal Church
Wayne, PA
Architect: Mark B. Thompson Associates

St. David’s Church has long been one of the most famous historic sites on the Main Line, just outside of Philadelphia. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. Several years ago when the time had finally come for some major renovations to both the exterior and interior, Metropolitan Acoustics was brought in to consult on acoustics and sound isolation for a number of different rooms.

In this building there is a large Hall with office space above, so sound transmission between floors was an important issue. There are also classrooms and other spaces that require appropriate levels of sound isolation from each other and from the mechanical systems in the building. We worked with the architect to provide recommendations for upgrading the floor/ceiling assemblies, improving the sound mitigation properties of the structural partition materials, and we outlined proper construction methods and products which would make our design solutions successful. Our acoustical analysis of the large Hall revealed the need for some acoustic treatments and materials in order to achieve an acceptable reverberation time and prevent the build up of sound.

In 2015 the renovations were completed and the parishioners have been enjoying the upgraded facilities and the improved interior. The roof was raised in the main Hall which made it a more dramatic space, and the acoustics are very good throughout.

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