St. Genevieve Parish

St. Genevieve Parish


Project Type: Worship

St. Genevieve Parish
Flourtown, PA
Architect: Casaccio Architects

Saint Genevieve School had been in existence in the Flourtown community since 1955. While the school thrived, they did so without a church and would hold daily Mass services in the auditorium. Rising construction costs prohibited building a new church, so the solution was to renovate the existing building to make it look more like a church.

The space was gutted and an altar was developed in the center of the long-retangular side of the building. Sections of pews flanked the sanctuary on three sides – providing seats for 500 church members. A new welcoming entrance was built to complete the new look.

Metropolitan Acoustics provided acoustical consultation for the new Worship Space, Narthex and Multi-purpose Room. We also designed recommendations to maximize the sound of the speakers and musicians to the congregation. The Narthex and Multi-purpose Room are adjacent and separated by an operable partition. The majority of the time, the spaces will be used separately. We designed acoustical isolation measures to minimize sound transmission between these adjacent spaces. The building incorporated a new mechanical system. Metropolitan Acoustics established goals for the each of the renovated spaces and designed recommendations for noise and vibration attenuation measures to ensure all design goals were met.