Stadium Casino and Hotel

Project Type: Entertainment & Restaurants

Stadium Casino and Hotel
Philadelphia, PA
Architect: BLT Architects

The Stadium Hotel and Casino is a large, mixed use, new construction project located in South Philadelphia’s popular “stadium district”. It is in a region experiencing tremendous growth in entertainment, nightlife, and dining, and this new gambling and entertainment complex is slated to be a major new fixture in the center of it all. The project includes a new low-rise casino with a 6-level parking garage above that space and a 20-story high-rise hotel tower. There will be several restaurants adjacent to the gaming floor and a multi-purpose event space as well, rounding out the new complex’s full menu of entertainment offerings.

Metropolitan Acoustics was hired for a full complement of services on this project, including sound isolation, room acoustics, and mechanical systems noise and vibration control. In a building like this which houses a casino and a hotel, acoustics in the main public spaces are critical. The lobbies, restaurants, food court, bar/lounge areas, gaming floor, multi-purpose event spaces, and guest entertainment spaces all require proper analysis and design guidelines in order to ensure that reverberation is kept to a minimum and there is not a significant buildup of noise from crowds.

Of equal importance to room acoustics is limiting sound transmission between the various entertainment spaces in the complex and between rooms and floors of the hotel. We reviewed the proposed floor/ceiling assemblies and provided recommendations to achieve appropriate reduction of sound transmission, both impact and airborne, between critical areas throughout the hotel and casino. We provided specific, detailed recommendations to achieve appropriate reduction of sound from elevator, utility, mechanical, and piping shafts to adjacent hotel rooms including product information and informal drawings where necessary to illustrate our intent.

We will be working throughout all phases of the design process and construction to provide administration and quality control all the way through. During construction we will perform site visits and testing to measure sound levels and noise transmission to guarantee that the results are as predicted and promised up front. The user experience is important in a large entertainment complex like this, and the acoustics in the public and performance spaces are a big part of the guests’ overall enjoyment.

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