West Whiteland Township Building

West Whiteland Township Building

Project Type: Government

West Whiteland Township Building
Exton, PA
Architect: Cee Jay Frederick Associates

Metropolitan Acoustics provided acoustical consulting services for all aspects of the new municipal building for West Whiteland Township in Exton, PA. The building included a divisible hearing room, numerous conference rooms, open and closed office areas and a police roll call room.

We provided recommendations for interior partitions to provide appropriate isolation between closed spaces. We also performed a speech privacy analysis for the open office areas and provided recommendations for appropriate privacy between open workstations. Additionally, we provided recommendations for the building envelope construction to minimize the transmission of sound from exterior sources transmitted into the building.

Our room acoustics analysis included all of the aforementioned spaces and provided recommendations to minimize echoes, provide appropriate reverberation times and provide excellent speech intelligibility. We worked closely with the architect to select finishes that met both the acoustical and the aesthetic design requirements.

Control of mechanical system noise is critical in a building such as this, particularly in conference and hearing rooms. Our analysis considered ductborne sound, equipment radiated sound transmitted through the roof and structure-borne sound. Recommendations were provided to reduce the sound levels in all critical spaces to appropriate levels.

Metropolitan Acoustics was also responsible for design of all audio/visual systems for the building. Our scope included sound reinforcement systems and video projection systems. The hearing room is divisible by an operable partition; thus, we designed systems that could operate both independently and in the combined mode.

Beyond the design phase, Metropolitan Acoustics was contracted for construction administration. We performed site visits to inspect the installation of all recommendations to ensure that the acoustical design goals being met.

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