Architectural acoustics is the discipline of controlling sound in a building. This includes evaluating the shape, furnishings, interior finishes, and other acoustic characteristics of rooms to control reverberation and echoes. It also involves designing partitions for good acoustical separation.

At Metropolitan Acoustics, we strive to balance intuitive skills with science and engineering. Some of the more common acoustical parameters that we evaluate include reverberation, early and late reflections, echoes, focusing of sound, speech intelligibility, and speech privacy. We listen to our clients to provide them with acoustical designs tailored to the needs of the end user whether the facility is a theater, gymnasium, boardroom, or courtroom.

For renovations or corrective applications, we have equipment in-house to conduct acoustical measurements. These measurements include reverberation time, 1/3 octave band frequency analysis, and noise reduction testing (field STC, IIC and NIC). The latest computer modeling software is used to virtually construct and evaluate critical spaces.