Whenever a construction project involves pile driving, demolition, or other activities with significant impact, the possibility exists that the construction activities could cause damage to nearby buildings, bridges, or other structures. There are pre-determined thresholds of vibration that must be monitored throughout all potentially damage-causing phases of a construction project.

Metropolitan Acoustics specializes in vibration monitoring, a service which provides real-time alerts via email or SMS whenever pre-set vibration thresholds on a construction site are being exceeded. This allows the contractor to cease operations before construction activities cause damage which could result in a liability lawsuit. The equipment is wireless and operates autonomously without the need for anyone to download data or operate anything on site once the system is installed.



4DX Cinemas are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. It is a total sensory-immersive experience for the viewer; with wind, rain, mist, enhanced audio, and seats that move, shake, and rumble. With the introduction of movement and vibration as part of the experience, retro-fitting the equipment into existing theaters has the potential to cause damage to the building structure or transmit noise and vibration to other tenants’ spaces. We provide vibration monitoring on site, structural analysis, and design recommendations to resolve any issues. We also work with architects in the schematic design phase of new theaters by introducing cost-saving acoustic/vibration strategies that can be integrated into the design development phase.


Using our state of the art equipment and proprietary software tools, Metropolitan Acoustics has the expertise to monitor vibration remotely. We provide the complete monitoring system for short- or long-term projects of any size adapted to each client’s project requirements, including:

  • Establishing a baseline vibration level prior to construction.
  • Monitoring key locations inside buildings during construction projects while occupied.
  • Monitoring adjacent buildings and properties during blasting, pile driving, soil compaction, etc.
  • Wireless cloud-based data transmission systems for long term monitoring (weeks to years).
  • Immediately sending alerts if unacceptable noise and/or vibration thresholds are reached at any point on site.